Our Mission Statement

At PRISM, we identify and support innovative, grassroots initiatives addressing rights abuses, poverty and inequality by bringing private funding and our own technical guidance and experience. We believe local vision, programme conception and delivery are the keys to long-term solutions.

Empowering People to Live Better Lives

Many of the countries we work with are recovering from recent conflict and social upheaval — having experienced famine, economic collapse, the HIV/AIDS pandemic and even genocide. PRISM Partnerships is a direct service entity that sources funds from private sector donors and disburses them to support a variety of projects throughout East Africa. Without both technical and financial support, these programs would fail to reach their full potential and a crucial community lifeline would be lost.

Building Relationships and responsibility

We connect small-scale, overlooked local organisations with private contributors to ensure that support goes where it is intended and needed most. We act as a liaison to ensure funds are applied quickly, correctly and to the right place. Our projects are designed and implemented locally by social entrepreneurs, many of whom are living the very problems they are trying to address. This close relationship with local partners gives us a unique accountability that is vital to our promise.

The New Philanthropy

After decades of humanitarian experience, we believe that private philanthropy has the power to transform the way international aid intersects with local, grassroots actors.