Engaging local partners to benefit the local

PRISM supports partner organizations in eight East African countries that are recovering from violent conflict, anticipate further civil unrest, or are in a state of early recovery. Each nation has serious socio-economic needs and chronic vulnerability—with the majority of the population living below national poverty lines, as foreign refugees, or as internally displaced people (IDPs).

We maintain close relationships with our local partners throughout every project lifecycle. Our practice is to:

  • Provide partners with a direct connection to funding to ensure support is available for deserving projects on the ground
  • Mentor partner agencies by providing both project design advice and technical assistance.
  • Monitor each project to gauge its progress against identified goals, and to ensure support
  • Maintain constant status of each partner and project for consolidated feedback to each project’s donor

We are proud of our partnership structure which makes a genuine relationship possible between donor and project. Oour current partners include Sister Somalia and Never Again Rwanda and we are always interested in finding new projects to work alongside and support that fit our vision and philosophy. For information on our partners or how to become a PRISM partner, please email