About Prism

The PRISM difference

PRISM is tailor-made for private and corporate donors. PRISM™s unique profile derives from the expertise of its directors to identify projects at the grassroots level for their capacity to grow and make a difference, and to help donors choose projects they can believe in. These projects have an enormous potential to have a meaningful impact in their communities. Prism Partnerships aims to equip social entrepreneurs with the funds to move their communities out of poverty, and the inequitable situations they find themselves in. There is huge potential to be harnessed through small community projects, with wisely-distributed funding, and the right support and guidance for both the donor and the project partner. Prism provides the necessary oversight, communications and on-site visits with partner organizations to ensure the investment made by private, corporate or foundation donors.

Direct Funding From the Donor to the Project

All too often donations are lost in administrative overheads, and do not achieve their intended impact. As a non-profit organisation, PRISM offers direct assistance in the form of time-bound grants with specific outcomes that are identified in advance and monitored over the project lifecycle. We cover our costs by charging the donor a percentage from the total invested sum. This percentage will vary between 5% and 10%, according to the size of the investment, and as agreed between PRISM and the donor.

Seeing Your Contributions at Work

As a donor you can expect direct contact with your project. Aside from regularly checking in on our partners in the field and providing quarterly progress reports to our donors, we offer the opportunity to visit the countries and the projects where your funds are allocated. This gives donors the chance to meet local leadership and see firsthand how our partners are addressing local challenges. For a more unique relationship, hands-on participation in certain projects is also an option.