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The fourteen or so writing centres at U of T provide individual consultations with trained writing instructors, along with group teaching in workshops and courses. There’s no charge for any of this instruction—it’s part of your academic program. The mandate of writing centres is to help you develop writing skills as you progress through your studies. All the undergraduate colleges have writing centres for their students, and so do most professional faculties and the School of Graduate Studies. Here are some general guidelines on how to take advantage of the specialized instruction available in your writing centre.
Writing centres provide free individual and group instruction in the many different kinds of writing done by University of Toronto students. You can work individually with a trained instructor to develop your ability to plan, organize, write, and revise academic papers in any subject. To find out more about how to use writing centres, see our file on Learning in a Writing Centre.

UPDATE (October 22, 2020)
We are now offering live virtual tutoring sessions! Are you an undergraduate student who would you like to speak to a tutor about your essay? If so, go to the Navigate app to book your appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

The Writing Centre offers one-on-one mentoring appointments on campus in the drop-in Centre (Level 3 of Hub Central) AND online via Zoom.
On-campus and Online appointments are available Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

Writing Centre consultants are ready to help! Make an appointment today.
At our Writing Centres, you’ll learn effective writing strategies and gain valuable skills
to help you write well in college:

Here is how:

  • We offer writing assistance to bachelor, master and PhD students. Book a Consultation here, or by clicking «book an appointment» on this page.

Writing Centre consultants are ready to help! Make an appointment today.
We have transitioned to online tutoring.
To make an appointment, see the Book an Appointment page.

Writing is a skill that you’ll rely on throughout university. From essays to exams, the ability to effectively express your discoveries and thoughts will help you succeed.
At the Writing Centre, we’ll:

We are located in Room 274 in the Robertson Library. It’s the bright, glass-walled room at the back of the Learning Commons. Drop in and check out our comfortable and quiet writing lounge!
Appointment information

  • Synchronous Services through The Learning Hub. Use the schedule to decide which session to join.
  • Asynchronous Services is available through WriteAway. This is also great for when your schedule doesn’t allow for you to join one of the tutors in the Learning Hub.

All services have moved online. September 21, 2020 – November 28, 2020

The Writing Centre is a free service to use, and you may use it at any point during your studies.
Our goal in the Writing Centre is to assist students in becoming better academic writers. Students can submit their work for a Paper Review by one of our Writing Tutors. Your submission of work to the Writing Centre consists of a Writing Tutor examining patterns in your writing and giving you written feedback about how you can produce writing that is organized, concise, and cited and referenced correctly. Instead of just improving one assignment before it is submitted in the classroom, our goal is to help you improve your writing in the long-term.