Essay Tactics – How to Approach the “How to Prevent Climate Change” Topic?

Climate change is more than just a serious topic one might have to tackle in one of their essays. It is an issue that’s being discussed/addressed worldwide, and that for more than just a couple of years.

In this respect, we start by saying that, when writing an essay on How to Prevent Climate Change, one has available more than enough information and resources to write a good essay.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll talk exactly about how such an essay should be written. While the topic is important, you should not fear it or other similar topics. All can be handled easily if you choose the proper approach/ way of discussing the matter.

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First Things First

Before talking about how to prevent climate change, it would be better if you addressed one issue that people keep on returning to – namely, the one that states that climate change isn’t real.

So, you should begin your essay with a couple of arguments that support climate change and tell of its importance as well. You should bring up arguments and examples that would make those that don’t believe in climate change understand that this is a real, serious issue that needs to be handled.

In this respect, you can make use of statistics or even comparisons, before and after, of certain areas. For example, the Arctic circle was roughly 2 to 3 times bigger in 1979 than in 2007. Naturally, it is not just a coincidence.

Target Audience

Now, moving on to the real deal, namely on the section that tackles the actual ways through which people can prevent climate change, you have to take into account your target audience – are they students, friends, colleagues or people that can try to prevent this issue on a big scale?

This is quite important because you can’t expect an entrepreneur or the leader of an NGO to work on the local aspects of preventing climate change. For example, your local target audience can try and reduce water consumption and start properly recycling, while a bigger target audience can put in efforts to reduce the carbon emissions.

In short, you can’t tell students that, in order to prevent climate change, they have to start practicing watershed management, organic or integrated farming, or such. Of course, you do still have to mention some of these things, but it is better if you rely on mentioning prevention ways that can be done, so to say, by your target audience.

Explaining How Everything Works

In order to open people’s eyes, it is important that you have an explanation for everything – for climate change, as well as for the ways through which one can prevent it.

You can’t just mention a bunch of ways to prevent climate change without giving your audience insight on how these ways actually work. For example, a few people know that smoking increases air pollution as well, besides leading to various diseases. Most smokers think that, by smoking in an enclosed space or such, they only harm themselves.

This is why, in such an essay, you should explain exactly how, for example, properly caring of vehicles or changing the crop combination helps prevent climate change. In short, if you tell a smoker that smoking is bad for their health and they should stop doing it, they’ll probably turn a blind eye. However, if you bring arguments, statistics, and explanations to the table, they will most certainly listen to what you have to say.

Giving Examples

If you want to see a change on a local level, you should definitely provide your target audience with examples of climate change prevention throughout the world. For instance, a law has been passed in Sweden that obligates its government to cut all greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. Not to mention the fact that Sweden is considered the most renewable energy friendly country in the world.

In short, with your essay, you’d want to make your target audience realize that climate change is a serious matter and that countries, governments are actively trying to help prevent it – the more examples, the better.

Moreover, when it comes to preventing climate change, competition is a good thing. If one country competes with another in terms of climate change prevention, we can all safely say that the battle against this event, so to call it, is already won.

The Bottom Line

While the How to Prevent Climate Change topic can be quite difficult to tackle, it is not impossible. You just have to properly assess your target audience and provide them with the information they need to know in order to understand the importance of climate change prevention.

Naturally, throughout your essay, you’ll mostly rely on statistics, maybe even quotes and news reports, rather than personal opinions. You can, however, rely on your thought to further explain the importance of your topic.

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